meth testing, New Zealand

We aim to give the end user “just the facts.”

We don’t recommend cleaners, we can suggest cleaning methods.

Although trained to do decontamination - we only did the course to up skill ourselves for our clients.

Our samples are sent to Hills Labs for results.

We report on just the facts.

We consider “Field composite” tests and DIY self tests as ineffective.

We give you an accurate baseline test that can identify issues if they exist.

The most common question these days seems to be "can i trust you not to scam me"

so here are some simple questions....

  • ask to see the training certificates (NZQA certification is just starting)
  • ask if they recommend a decontaminator if it is contaminated.
  • if they do - are you sure there isnt a relationship.... friend, business partner, wife...... you cant be sure!
  • so if they do recommend a decon company - go somewhere else. Once again - think independent VTNZ as an example.

And finally - have a tenant / purchase lined up to go in, but don't allow them in until you have the report. The days of out and in on the same day have gone. If a property tests high and you have been nice and let them in before you get the test back - it will be nasty to tell them to dispose of cross contaminated furnishings and kids favourite toys that have been on the carpet.

Lab Tests usually turn around in 2-3 days.