Meth Test

Different Methods of Sampling

DIY - (pregnancy tests) - we don't use these

available for self use - they can give readings that will show a positive or negative result.

they give no defined result ie a positive result could be legal level or anything above it.....

it is unlikely to stand up in a court.

some testers use these as a field composite - which makes them very unreliable.

they are easy to get wrong - do bad samples.

DIY Test

Field Composite - we don't usually do these either

these are a lab based test - but one kit is used to take samples from different sites in the house.

Useful and least expensive if doing a due diligence to find if positive or not without locating the actual affected area/areas.

they are cheaper unless a positive result is found.

if positive the tester is required to revisit and take individual samples to isolate the problem area/areas.

Field Composite

Lab Composite - Our prefered method

A lab test where an individual sample is taken in each room.

Several samples are then combined (composited) together in a single lab test

It reduces the cost in the lab rather than doing full tests in each room

It can be decomposited without a further visit if a positive result is obtained.

Lab Test

A definative test result for every sample taken

Multiple Sample Lab Test