A Sample hills report.

This is what you want to see.

a result of 0.02 is a clean result - its as low as the analytics can test to.

A contaminated Result.

This is a composite Lab Test ....

lounge kitchen and bed 1 are identified as over the limits..... ie take the 2.4 result and multiply it by the no of composites. in this case 2.4x3 = 7.2 (gives the worst case senario)

This sample is a Decomposite of the above test,..

It shows the levels of each of the rooms after a decomposite.

NB - the decomposite worst case senario was 7.2 (ie add 7.2+.02+.02= 7.24 /3 = 2.4)

the actual decomposite is 2.6 4.7 and .28 (actual is 2.6+4.7+.28=7.5/3 =2.4)

The new standard released July 2017 is now 1.5 micrograms / 100cm2

The new standard now indicates the specific procedures - for full testing of a contaminated room.

That becomes stage 2 - most likely under the guidance of your insurance company.